Did you know that 1 Ringgit is all it takes to create 5 meals?

We ensure our food rescue remains cost-effective by consistently working to secure partnerships with major food suppliers and through the incredible generosity of you, the public. We manage to feed thousands of beneficiaries per week, thanks to community spirit and a hard-working volunteer team. 

Your donation help to keep our trucks running and our warehouse stocked with food, but it also helps us to scale operations to meet rising demands for food aid in Malaysia. Our operations staff ensure The Lost Food Project continues running sustainably, secures new partnerships to save food from going to the landfill and identify new food-insecure communities to support.

End hunger in Malaysia. Pledge now. 

Why We Need Your Support 

Our goal is to deliver 50,000 meals per week. 

We support 67 charities and several low-cost housing communities. For many of our beneficiaries, The Lost Food Project provide them their only meal for the day. Many families them are beyond the reach of food and essential items. Many more families have to sacrifice their meals in order to pay for housing, utilities, transport and their children's education. 

Feed the hungry, not the landfill. 

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